Mar 25, 2019

WhatTheCTF 2019


On 23rd of March 2019 we have organised our first CTF ever!

We’ve had a blast organising it, and we hope all our participants enjoyed it too!


We would like to provide official writeups for some of the challenges. Let us know if you made good progress on a particular challenge but didn’t manage to solve it, and you’d like to see a writeup. We can add it! If you solved any of our challenges in a different way, we’d be happy to add your writeup to the list, so submit a pull request on the repository, or send us an email or a tweet!

Official writeups

Challenge Writeup author
pre-CTF Email kitkat
Social Monkeys neko3
The Story of A Monkey neko3
dk jedevc
Preloader jedevc
easy as pi cxw602
magic hendo

Photographs by Graeme Brainwood.