University of Birmingham's
Monkey-Inspired Hacking Club

Who We Are

We are the Hacking Club at the University of Birmingham. We get together every week to look at offensive hacking and cyber security. We do this because understanding threats and how attackers think is the best way to keep computers secure… also it’s fun.

Any problem can be solved by enough monkeys acting completely at random.


All students are welcome, we can find hacking challenges that are appropriate for every skill level, however you must bring a laptop.

We meet every Wednesday, currently virtually, from 3pm. If you want to confirm, drop us an email at Check the calendar below, events mention the room they are taking place in!


Discord: AFNOM Discord
Twitter: @UoB_AFNOM


Below you can find info on what we will be doing in the upcoming sessions. Important CTFs in which we will participate are also mentioned.



Organising Monkeys or How to Run a Hacking Club
Andreea-Ina Radu and Sam L. Thomas
Vibrant Workshop 2015, The first UK Workshop on Cybersecurity Training & Education
Presentation slides

Learn-Apply-Reinforce/Share Learning: Hackathons and CTFs as General Pedagogic Tools in Higher Education, and Their Applicability to Distance Learning
Tom Goodman and Andreea-Ina Radu
Under submission