Oct 15, 2020 • neko3

Lightning Talks Oct 2020

What a busy start of term we’ve had so far! InstallFest done, our first web hacking sessions successfully completed, and hosting our first event (in what could become a series!) of lightning talks! Credit goes to leet_lemon 🍋, as the primary driver behind this event !

The idea behind it is simple: six different 10 minutes talks, on anything! As a speaker, 10 minutes is a sweet spot of getting your passion across, but not too long that it takes too much time to prepare for! As an attendee, the talks are short enough that you don’t have time to get bored! 🥳

And what a great time we had! The toughest part of it all was choosing the talks, as we had such an array of amazing talks submitted 😲! We would have loved to hear them all but alas, we could only do six. We hope to see the rest of them in the near future though!

Our final talks schedule was:

We were over the moon with the range of talks we had, and we loved every minute of the event! We were so happy to see our (over 50!) attendees were engaged and had brilliant questions for the speakers.

We learnt a lot about fair conference-style selection processes, and about the technical side of running such an event.

We would like thank everyone involved, from speakers, to mentors and to our awesome attendees! We’re looking forward to hosting another set of talks soon! 💛