Oct 13, 2019



On 26th of October 2019, we are hosting the HackBack2 CTF, run by TryHackMe.

The CTF is going to be perfect for beginners and seasoned players as well! So if you are interested in cybersecurity and CTFs, this is the perfect place to start!

!!! Please bring your laptops. The CTF requires openvpn, which in turn requires root permissions. The computer labs do not allow running programs as root

We will be providing snacks, lunch and swag!

Please register your interest by filling up this (super-short) form: HackBack2 signup. This will allow us to provision enough food and swag for everyone!


CTF Warmup

TryHackMe have a number of rooms to get you started for the CTF. Register an account on the platform and filter for the free ones. Also, they will be making the linuxctf room free on the weekend of 18th of Oct).