Jul 20, 2019



On 20th of July 2019, we held a CTF at the Security of Software/Hardware Interfaces Summer School, organised by INRIA.

The love of cats united the organisers on both sides, and so the CATS event was born: Capture All The SILM{flags}!

This was the first CTF we organised for an external event, and we wanted everything to run smoothly. So neko3 and jedevc hopped on a plane to Rennes and went off to melt in the French summer heat . The event favoured reverse engineering, pwn and side-channel challenges, in order to keep in-line with the Summer School theme, but we made sure to include all categories, such that everyone could find something they would like to solve.

Our warmest thanks go to Clémentine Maurice for organising the Summer School and inviting us, and to xorpse for suggesting us as CTF organisers!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we hope our participants had a great time too!