We are the Hacking Club at the University of Birmingham. We get together every week to look at offensive hacking and cyber security. We do this because understanding threats and how attackers think is the best way to keep computers secure... also it's fun.

Any problem can be solved by enough monkeys acting completely at random.

To keep up to date about meetings and competitions please join our mailing list bham-hacking-group. We also have a Slack team! For more information please contact Andreea Radu.

All students are welcome, we can find hacking challenges that are appropriate for every skill level, however you must bring a laptop.

We meet every Friday, in room 217, Computer Science building, from 3pm. If you want to confirm, drop Andreea an email.

Below you can find info on what we will be doing in the upcoming sessions. Important CTFs in which we will participate are also mentioned.

# Name Category Description
1 WireShark Network A network packet sniffer and analyser.
2 IDApro free version (V5.0) and Evaluation version Disassembler IDA pro cheat sheet
3 JD-GUI Disassembler Java disassembler
4 OllyDbg Disassembler Windows disassembler
5 Uncompyle2 Disassembler Python disassembler
6 0xED (Mac OS). Hex Editor
7 Burp Proxy Web App An intercepting proxy

Some learning resources and training exercises can be found below:

# Name Category Description
1 Damn Vulnerable Web App Web App A Web App pen-testing tool
2 VulnHub
3 WarGames by OverTheWire
4 Smash the Stack
5 Google Gruyere
6 Exploit Exercises
7 HackThisSite
8 Hellbound Hackers
9 SecurityOverride -- Challenges, Tutorials
10 Can You Hack It?
11 w3challs Hacking Section
12 CrackMes Reverse Engineering
13 EnigmaGroup Great for self-leaning. Good mentoring support.
14 HellBoundHackers
15 CTF Practice Misc Links to a lot of hacking websites
16 Pentestmonkey Cheat Sheets Some explanations towards pentesting and cheat sheets for SQL/shell injection

A full list of write-ups for competitions we have participated in can be found here.

For submitting write-ups, please use this template if you want the file hosted on our site, or the external template if you plan to host the write-up on your own website. The format is Markdown. There are some explanations included in the files. Send them by email or submit a Git pull request.

Organising Monkeys or How to Run a Hacking Club
Andreea-Ina Radu, Sam L. Thomas
Vibrant Workshop 2015, The first UK Workshop on Cybersecurity Training & Education
Presentation slides